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Basic understanding of Texas Holdem

Unlike other poker variations Texas Holdem differs in that each player is dealt only two cards and can decide through the course of the hand whether to play the cards together or individually with the cards later dealt to the centre of the table.

Best Poker Hands

Before you start to play poker, ensure you know which are the best poker hands, check out our poker hands list.

The Flop

After your first two cards have been dealt and any betting taken place these are the first three cards dealt to the centre of the poker table.

The Turn

The fourth card dealt to the poker table centre.

The River

The final card dealt in this hand of Texas Holdem Poker.

In a nutshell this game is highest hand wins, so just the same as with any other poker game the better your final hand then the more chance you will have of winning. The unusual thing Texas Holdem Poker Tips must get across to you is that your initial two cards may not look up to much however as the hand progresses it may have become an unbeatable hand thanks to the flop, turn, and river. The best Texas Holdem Poker strategy is one which can tell what is a good hand and should be held on to – and what is not.

Every person who wants to learn how to play Texas Holdem Poker will be quite bullish in the beginning, staying in the hand with a mediocre pair of cards when they probably should fold and wait for the next hand. When you consider this might be you then a good rule to use would be to only play one hand in every three you are dealt. This way you will learn more as you play – and keep your money for the best hands you have!

IMPORTANT TIP: As with all the “Casino Tips Group” sites we recommend you play your chosen game as often as you can for fun then for real money at a casino you can trust and are comfortable with before you play for real money – this way you won’t be put off by unusual interfaces or occurrences when your concentration is needed most. Click here for the best place to play texas holdem online.

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